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Welcome to BeReal.

The BeReal Application (the “BeReal App”) allows you to share content with your friends and make new ones.

The BeReal App is developed and operated by BeReal SAS, a French company (société par actions simplifiée) registered with number 881 079 685 SIRET and having its registered offices located 30/32 Boulevard Sébastopol 75004 Paris FRANCE (“BeReal”)


By registering on BeReal, you acknowledge that the use of this service is subject to the BeReal’s Terms of Service that you must accept in order to use our services. The use of our services means that you agree to these Terms. These Terms include the provisions of this document as well as those of the Privacy Policy.

The content of these Conditions may vary from time to time, notably to take into consideration any changes of applicable laws. Any changes will be brought to your attention for their careful review. The continued use of the BeReal App following notice of any changes constitutes an express acceptance of the amended BeReal Terms of Use.


  • II.1 If you are under age 13, you are not permitted to use the BeReal App. If you are between 13 and 17 years old, you are not allowed to create a user profile without the permission of your legal representative.

If you are the legal representative of a minor BeReal user and you want to contact us, send us a message using theberealapp@gmail.com.

  • II.2 To create a user profile and have access to the BeReal App, you have to provide us with personal information. You also have to upload a profile picture that represents you. Those personal data need to be provided to access the BeReal App and its functionalities.
  • While creating a profile user, you have to provide us with correct information and do not create an account without your own identity. In the event that your access to the BeReal App has been suspended, interrupted or somehow blocked or removed by BeReal APP, your are not allowed to create a new user profile.
  • Within the framework of the control of the user profiles created on the BeReal App and the detection of false ages of users, BeReal APP reserves the right to carry out checks.


  • BeReal APP is the exclusive owner of all rights relating to the BeReal App and, in particular, the right to host, store, use, display, copy, modify, adapt, publish, edit and distribute all or part of the constituent elements thereof, in particular, and without limit: the brands, logos, designs, animations, videos, images, text, data and databases, computer code, and content published or presented on the BeReal App or the websites and services belonging to BeReal APP. BeReal APP is also the sole owner of rights to the brand BeReal.
    Any copy, reproduction, representation, use, distribution, or reutilisation of these elements without the authorisation of BeReal APP is liable to legal proceedings, in particular for trademark infringement.
  • The reproduction, amendment, modification (of any kind), distribution, sale, rental, reverse engineering, or creation of derivative work of the BeReal App and/or any other constituent element (including software or source code) is prohibited without the authorisation of BeReal APP and/or of the applicable regulations.
  • By the sole means of allowing the download and use of BeReal, BeReal APP grants users, anywhere in the world, a personal, free, non-transferrable and non-exclusive authorisation to access and use the BeReal App for private use. Downloading and/or using the BeReal App does not confer any rights (intellectual property or other) over the BeReal App.
  • The BeReal App may be subject to change and may be modified at any time. Some functionalities or services may be added or deleted by BeReal APP at its sole discretion. No guarantee of any sort, either express or implied, is given with regard to the content, the services or functionalities of the BeReal App, either with regard to their existence or their operation.


  • When you create your profile or you use the BeReal App, you will be required to send, receive or create content, consisting of, in particular, information, photos, and/or videos.
    For the operation of the BeReal App, and the provision of services linked to the BeReal App, you grant us, for the entire world and for the period during which these General Terms of Use between you and BeReal APP are in force, free authorisation to host, store, reproduce, display, publish, translate, adapt, sublicence, and/or use, for the purposes of services relating to the BeReal App (I) any content exchanged within the scope of the use of the BeReal App, as well as (ii) your user name, your voice, and/or your image, as it is reproduced, where applicable, in said content.


  • For the same purposes and exclusively for those purposes, you give similar consent to use any content generated within the scope of the BeReal App which you may have broadcast publicly through a third-party or parties. In the context of this authorisation, you agree that BeReal APP may, for instance, use this content for the promotion of the BeReal App on Social Networking sites on which this content has previously been broadcast by us. We remind you that you are not authorised to:

Post unsolicited commercial communications, or collect information, data, or content belonging to other users without their consent;

Post content or broadcast any message that infringes on the rights of third parties (in particular to their intellectual property rights), which may be of a pornographic, discriminatory, racist, violent, defamatory, or sexual nature, and/or which may constitute bullying or intimidation of other persons. To this end we remind you that any photos of a pornographic, exhibitionist, or indecent nature are formally prohibited. Any publication of this nature constitutes an offence liable to deletion of user account from which they originated, without prejudice to criminal proceedings which may arise therefrom;

Use the name, the voice or the image of any person without their permission;

Modify the operation of the BeReal App or inhibit its access;

Use the BeReal App in an illegal, dishonest, malicious and/or discriminatory manner.


  • Any manifestly illicit content which may be brought to our attention within the conditions required by law and/or which we judge to be in contravention of these General Terms of Use shall be deleted.
    This same shall apply in the case of an injunction to that effect by an authorised administration or jurisdiction.
  • The user accepts entire responsibility for any action, content, information or data which they may upload, download, post, send, or keep within the scope of the use of the BeReal App. They will be required to compensate BeReal APP for any damages, losses or expense caused by their words or actions.
  • The user accepts entire responsibility for any action, content, information or data which they may upload, download, post, send, or keep within the scope of the use of the BeReal App. They will be required to compensate BeReal APP for any damages, losses or expense caused by their words or actions.
  • For reasons of security and public order, we may keep, for a reasonable period in compliance with applicable regulations, a copy of content shared by the user, even where the user may have deleted their account or where said content may have been deleted from the BeReal App.


Notification of illicit content – Article 6-I-5 of French law N°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy

In our quality as host, we are not under a general obligation to monitor the information that we store. You nevertheless have the possibility to notify us of content you consider illicit. To be taken into account, any notification should be addressed by registered letter with proof of delivery to:

30/32 Boulevard Sébastopol
75004 Paris

You retain the right to notify the competent authorities of any content you consider illicit.

Reporting content constituting an affront to human dignity – offences specified by Article 6-I-7 of French law N°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy

In compliance with article 6-I-7 of French law N°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, we are participating in the fight against the following offences:

Distribution of images of child pornography;
Apology for or denial of crimes against humanity
Distribution of content promoting discrimination, hate or violence against a person group of persons by virtue of their origin, sex, sexual orientation or identity, or disability;
Distribution of message of a violent or pornographic nature, or which constitute an affront to human dignity, or which encourage minors to participate in games which may place them in physical danger accessible to minors, when this content is liable to be viewed or accessed by a minor;
Incitement to, or apology for terrorism;
Incitement to suicide.
We have put in place an easily accessible means of alerting us to any content of this nature of which you may become aware within the scope of the BeReal App.

Simply contact us a theberealapp@gmail.com.

Reporting inappropriate content

In order to allow comfortable, safe use of the BeReal App, we have also put in place a system of community moderation that allows you to report any content you feel is inappropriate.

If you want to report the content of a user profile that is not one of your friends, click on the “…” icon , click "Report" and select one of the options.

If you want to report the profile of a user who is one of your friends, click on the “…” icon for profile of that friend and select one of the options.

This system is designed to improve your user experience with the BeReal App but does not remove your duty to respect the regulations applicable in terms of, in particular, reporting illicit and offensive content as mentioned in VI.1 and VI.2 above.


BeReal APP places a great deal of importance on the protection of its users’ privacy. The Personal Data of BeReal users are processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy available by clicking here.


  • We make every effort to ensure the BeReal App made available to you is secure and free from errors. However, you use it at your own risk.
    Furthermore, we give no guarantee as to the absence of errors, interruptions to service, slow running, imperfections, or attacks on the rights of third-parties within the scope of the operation of the BeReal App, in particular as a result of events on the internet. BeReal APP cannot be held liable in case of disturbance, malfunction, or reduced access to the BeReal App resulting from failure attributable to the internet network or to an internet service provider, to the operating system, browser and/or device of the user. Furthermore, BeReal APP cannot be held liable for any event attributable to a case of force majeure. Access to and use of the BeReal App may be temporarily interrupted due to maintenance or technical updates.
  • BeReal APP accepts no responsibility for the indirect, specific, collateral or punitive consequences, loss of income, data or any other loss resulting from the access and use of the BeReal App, its content and/or the illicit use by a third-party of the data or other rights of a user.


  • Any violation of these General Terms of Use or any use which may present a risk (legal, technical or other) may result in the deletion of the profile of the user which is the origin thereof. In the case of any dispute, BeReal APP is free to decide to block or deactivate the profile of a user and thereby their access to the BeReal App, and this at the sole discretion of, and without prior notice by BeReal APP.
    Each user is free to terminate their relationship with BeReal APP relating to the BeReal App. They simply need to delete their user profile. Each user is responsible for the information they provide and the content they distribute during their session and use of the BeReal App. The information provided must be accurate, up-to-date, and a true reflection of reality. The content provided by users must be lawful and must not infringe upon the rights of third parties. BeReal APP cannot be held liable for inaccuracies or the erroneous character of content provided by the user and any consequences which may arise as a result.


That a condition within these General Terms of Use is declared null, invalid, or non-applicable shall have no effect on the validity and applicability of the other conditions and shall not exempt the user from their duty to comply therewith.

The failure to demand the execution of a condition in these General Terms of Use, or to do so belatedly shall not be interpreted as a waiver on the part of BeReal APP to demand the respect of that condition by the user or a third-party.


For any claim or dispute, the user is invited to contact BeReal APP in the first instance at theberealapp@gmail.com in order to allow an amicable solution to be found.

In accordance with the French consumer code, BeReal APP subscribes to the FEVAD Mediation service who can be contact at:

In accordance with article 14 of Regulation (EU) No.524/2013, the European Commission has implemented an online dispute resolution service allowing the independent settlement of online disputes between consumers and professionals within the European Union by extrajudicial means. This service can be accessed at the following address:

The general terms of use are subject to French law. Any dispute not resolved by the means indicated above shall be subject to the corresponding competent jurisdiction at the court in the place of residence of the user within one of the Member States of the European Economic Area.